2/5ths of EUs’ regular budget given to Greece for immigration is settled for Surveillance, Biometrics and Border Control Procurements

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Apostolis Fotiadis

Despite the Internal Security Fund (ISF) will be a key factor in shaping population and border control mechanisms during the next six years throughout the EU, its importance and scope is still very often underestimated by the public as well as organisations directly affected by it. The complete picture of the European Commission’s investment in security and surveillance equipment in the next six years, facilitated in a great extent through ISF, can provide a good base for reflection regarding the security environment within immigration policy will evolve.

National ISF budget proposals are not made publicly accessible by the Commission and many of the procurements budgeted on them are considered classified by national authorities. More

Troika vs Human Rights

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The Troika’s “adjustment” of Greece has come, amongst other things, at the expense of basic human rights, according to a recent Council of Europe Report.

Labour exploitation, including child labour, human trafficking and mistreatment of migrant workers, has been a constant concern.

Vulnerability and risk of poverty has increased worryingly among older people, as a result of the exhaustive pension reform. More